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Agent of Influence

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Tropical Heat (Agent of Influence)

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The Wet Job (Agent of Influence)

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"Hamilton delivers a taut political thriller that moves with speed and agility. A fast-paced thriller with an imaginative premise." Kirkus Indie Reviews
"Agent of Influence is an action-packed mystery/thriller that is certain to entertain." City Book Reviews
"Crackling with insights and rife with adventure." Chuck Morse; talk radio host, former candidate for the US Congress, and author of The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terr
"This is one roller coaster ride you won't want to get off." 
-Foreword Clarion Reviews

"I enjoyed this book as much as any Tom Clancy/Vince Flynn/Dan Brown/Ian Fleming novel."
- Amazon Review

"Hamilton has written as tightly plotted an international spy story as you are going to find in this genre... If you are into Muslim conspiracy theories, this is a particularly timely book."
- MK Turner,


The sequel to Agent of Influence finally has a working title.     One Single Warrior should be available on 11/1. The book's cover should be available shortly and the manuscript will soon be going to an editor. The first few chapters are available along with my short story, Tropical Heat, for .99 on kindle.

 What is Russell currently reading ?

Non-fiction -Titan by Ron Chernow- Mr Chernow is by far the best biographer out there. I go through his books like they are a Ludlum novel. 100 pages in this one is not a disappointment. It is always amazing to look back in history and see that even something as indispensable to our economy as oil was once considered a massive gamble and potential fad. 

Fiction-Solo by William Boyd-This Bond continuation novel is decent so far but the jury is still out 75 pages in. Every Bond continuation writer seems to make the same mistake and throw in a sex scene quickly. No matter how hard all these guys try (Boyd,Falks,Gardner) they cannot keep the movies out of their heads. I did enjoy Bond's WWII flashback at the beginning though.

"The gruesome killing of a prize racehorse in Kentucky in 1973; the murder of two tourists on a Las Vegas roller coaster decades later; the naturalization of Nevada Senator Zach Hardin, whose Egyptian childhood is a closed book: Seemingly random events pile up in this thriller faster than potato chips pouring out of a bag, and before long, the bad guys are in position to deal the US a blow from which it might never recover."

Click here to read the entire review by Foreword Reviews.

Click here to listen to Russ discuss his novel on the Cindi Sullivan show on 84 WHAS.

If you have any questions or comments you can email Russ at

Agent of Influence News

7/15/13- A first draft of a sequel to Agent of Influence is complete. I have just started a 2nd draft as I  continue to do research for it as well.

6/15/12 - On 6/13 Russell appeared in the Wall Street Journal's editorial section in Letters to the Editor. Read his commentary regarding the differences between interrogating terrorists and targeting them with drones. For the more politically incorrect version check out his blog on the subject as well.

 Not sure if you are ready to commit to a new author? Check out The Wet Job, The Escape, and A New Beginning. A collection of short stories that bridge the gap with Agent of Influence. Available exclusively on kindle for just $0.99. In The Wet Job follow CIA agent Anna Starks as she takes on one of her first assignments involving what the former KGB would have called "wet work" or a  "wet job".  In the chilly waters of the Pacific Ocean a group of rich Europeans are enjoying an adrenaline packed vacation as they cage dive with great white sharks. But something else is stalking the vacationers; the cold hand of revenge.

In The Escape, follow two Nazi SS officers as they struggle to survive the death throes of the Third Reich at the end of WWII.
In A New Beginning, follow the teenage daughter of the American ambassador as she tries to navigate her family's past in the ancient Egyptian city of Cairo while coming to grips with her pending move to the United States.


The first novel from new author Russell Hamilton

"A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Hamilton holds a business degree and has worked mostly in the financial industry. His favorite reading material is espionage and world history, particularly twentieth-century nonfiction. With sixteen years invested in the reading of real-life espionage stories and historical non-fiction of the twentieth century, Hamilton might as well have a PhD. in thrills."
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